Earthling Bulletin #7

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Sciurumimus albersdoerferi, a new megalosauroid with “protofeathers” may indicate that probably many more dinosaurs had feather-like structures than previously thought. Modified from Rauhut et al., 2012




  • How to Use the Golden Ratio to Take Better Pictures. That’s not an example of art, but a tip to make it. It’s a kinda old post, but I just found it recently and thought it was worth sharing, so enjoy!
  • Microraptor, by Sergio Pérez, modified from a photograph  of an African starling.
  • Hi yo’ eggs, by Julio Lacerda. A Citipati about to be engulfed by a sandstorm.
  • Early Land Plants, by Renata Cunha. An image of what Earth would have looked like in the Devonian, when life started to leave whater.
  • Carefree life, by Keld Bach. A beautiful landscape with nice horses grazing.
  • Giganotosaurus carolinii, by Rafael Albo, a nicely done graphite drawing!

Scientific Articles

(If you are willing to read some of the articles but got no access to them, please contact us and we’ll send you a copy through e-mail!)

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